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Oh 6th June Konami did they pre-E3 show, Kojima Productions was involved in it to keep their promise of revealing Snake's new voice actor for the up coming games Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Plus some new information about MGS5.

Announcing things that were already known about the game, Kojima announced that MGS5's tagline will be "Tactical Espionage Operations" the same tagline given to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and that the game's theme will be RACE and REVENGE.

He also stated that The Phantom Pain will be set in 1984 when Big Boss was 49 years old. Thus officially stating that Ground Zeroes will take place 9 years before that, in 1975.

Kojima also stated that The Phantom Pain will have some very heavy subjects, and a much darker tone than before.

And finally, the new voice actor for Snake for the new games have been announced as Kieger Sutherland.

The reasons behind this choosing is because much is done with motion capture and performance capture this time around, Kojima followed the advice of Avi Arad and asked Kiefer for the role. The actor accepted the offer, saying he despite not playing video games himself, knew about the famous series. For this game, Kojima wanted Snake’s emotions to be expressed through facial expression and vocal performance rather than words.

On the Kojima Productions Alert Podcast, One fan wanted to know why the Japanese voice actor for Snake (Akio Otsuka) has not changed, while the English actor (David Hayter) has. The host of the podcast, Sean Eyestone, answered:

“This time, the English voice is really driving the animation, is driving the character. In past Metal Gears, everything was done by hand: the animation was done by hand, both the English and the Japanese were dubbed in. This time, the facial performance that is being done by the English voice actor is what is driving the animation, what is driving the character. And actually, Otsuka-san, who is the Japanese voice, will be dubbing into that. So his facial expressions will not be in the game, so it’s just his voice. It’s like what he’s done up to this point. So that’s more or less the reason why this casting decision was made. I know some people may have reservations, whenever things change, people are always a little nervous. But I think if you just wait and see how things turn out, I think you’ll be very happy with the performance. I think it’s really cool and we can’t wait to show you more.”

A new trailer for The Phantom Pain will be shown at E3.
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Welcome to MGS-Fans

:star:Welcome to MGS-fans. The best place in DA for fans of the Metal Gear Solid Series! Here you can share your MGS artwork, of any shape or form. If you got any suggestions leave a message on the page or Note me ^_^ :star:

:bulletred: Screenshots, Offical art and collages of either of the two are NOT allowed in the group and will be removed. However! They are allowed to be used in the making of a wallpaper. The wallpaper must show significant effort put into it though.
:bulletblue: Featured folder is is for finished pieces ONLY. Submissions such as stamps, Memes, wallpapers(unless fully drawn), etc should not be in this folder.
:bulletblue: Don't just submit all your work into featured, only submit a few
:bulletblue: Submit your art into the right folder
:bulletblue: Art must be mature tagged when needed
:bulletblue: Love MGS
:bulletblue: Be kind to the other members

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